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Qualifying Exams

All students wishing to enroll in introductory English, Math, Biology, and Chemistry are required to place into the courses by ACT exam or placement test before registering, unless they have earned Advanced Placement (AP) credit for the equivalent courses.

Chemistry is required for the programs listed below. Placement into Chemistry 1220/1230 requires a passing score on the chemistry placement exam or completion of CHM 1040 with grade of "C-" or above.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science
Pre-Physical Therapy
Science Education

Freshmen students enrolling in programs other than the ones listed are required to take the Math exam to establish proficiency. A student earning a 25 ACT Math score has met proficiency, but must still take the exam if he/she is pursuing one of the programs listed above. This exam must be taken and scores recorded prior to registering for a Math class.

Placement into freshman English  is determined by ACT English score or placement exam.  An ACT English score of 21 or higher places a student into English 1020; a score of 20 or lower places a student into English 1010. Students who place into ENG 1010 by ACT score, may take the English Qualifying Exam to possibly place into ENG 1020. ACT scores must be official and recorded in the student's record to register for either ENG 1010 or ENG 1020.  Otherwise, the student may take the English Qualifying Exam or wait until official scores have been recorded.

ACT Math score of 29 or higher = placement into MAT 2010.
ACT Math score of 26 or higher = placement into MAT 1110, 1120, 1500, 1800.
ACT Math score of 21 or higher = placement into MAT 0995, 1050.
ACT Math score of 18 or higher = placement into MAT 1000.
1.  The ACT Math score may not be more than two years old from the date of intended enrollment in the course.

2.  Placement using an ACT Math score will only be valid for three semesters (including Spring/Summer term) from the date of your first semester of admission to WSU.

3.  If you have taken the ACT more than once, only the most recent ACT Math score will be considered.

Placement into BIO1510 is determined by Composite ACT score or placement exam.


Preparing for the Math Qualifying Exam

Testing information