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Preparing for the Math Qualifying Exam

Examination Descriptions

The examination for placement into MAT 0995, 1000, 1050, 1110, 1120, 1500, or 1800 and/or to meet the Mathematics Competency requirement is a 40-item multiple-choice test covering arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, timed for 80 minutes.  The examination for placement into MAT 2010 is a 55-item multiple- choice test covering arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and elementary functions, timed for 120 minutes.  No aids (including calculators) are permitted.  Total test administration time is approximately 21⁄2 hours.

Review Previous Exams

This page contains links to actual final examinations that have been used in mathematics classes at Wayne State in recent years.  They are intended for:

  • students preparing for the mathematics placement exam.
  • students enrolled in a mathematics course who are preparing for a final examination.

These exams should only be used as a general guide to material that is likely to appear on future exams.  It is possible that future placement exams or final exams will be significantly different than these sample exams.

Strategy for Taking the Exam

The questions on the Mathematics Department Website are representative of what will be found on the MQE; however, on the MQE all correct answers carry a weight of one (1), i.e., all questions are worth only one point, and so you should not spend to much time on questions that seem to be too difficult for you, thinking that the more difficult they are, the greater the point value.  You should first move through the test answering those questions that are easier for you and then go back and attempt the more difficult items, concentrating your efforts on Part A of the exam.  Also, nothing is deducted for wrong answers; however, there is only one correct answer for each item.  Items for which two responses are marked are not counted in the scoring, even if one of those responses was correct.

MAT 1050 Sample Exams

MAT 1800 Sample Exams

Review Math Concepts

Practice Subjects
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 · Pre-Algebra
 · Geometry
 · Algebra
 · Trigonometry
 · Statistics
 · Calculus