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Managing Your Time

The secret to being an "A" student is good time management. Check out the links below to learn more about managing your time.

Time Management Questionnaire
See how your time management skills measure up by taking our time management quiz.

Time Management Site
The importance of making a schedule, evaluating your schedule, and planning study time are some of the topics offered on this site.

Managing your time weekly.

24 hours/day x 7 days/week = 168 hours/week
What are you NOT going to do?

Sleep 8 hrs x 7 days  = 56 hrs
Eat 2 hrs x 7 days  = 14 hrs
Hygiene  1 hr  x  7 days  = 7 hrs
Laundry, etc.    3 hrs/wk
Subtotal    80 hrs/wk
Class  15 credit hours 15 hrs/wk
Study    30 hrs/wk
Subtotal   45 hrs/wk
Work   20 hrs/wk
Social Activities   4 hrs/wk
Relaxation/Recreation   7 hrs/wk
Student Orgs.   4 hrs/wk
Subtotal   35 hrs/wk
Total time available    168 hrs/wk
Personal maintenance   -80 hrs/wk
Class & study   -45 hrs/wk
Personal agenda   -35 hrs/wk
Total unassigned time   8 hrs/wk