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University Advising Center

How to Earn an A

Professors Expect To Work With:

  • Students who are mature and serious about college. These students are curious, inquisitive and demonstrate a sincere desire to learn.
  • Students who assume responsibility for all work assigned. These students are prepared for class and for exams. They arrive to class on time, attend regularly, and stay for the entire class period.
  • Students who are active learners. These students freely and regularly participate in class discussions. They listen intently, ask relevant questions, and participate in class dialogue.
  • Students who respect and value learning, each other, and the professor. These students are open and accepting of differences of opinion, ideas and thoughts. They are respectful and do not interrupt when someone else is speaking or act inappropriately.

Negative Behaviors That Make Students Difficult To Work With:

  • Being passive and unmotivated
  • Being disrespectful in class by talking, arriving late, leaving early, making or receiving phone calls, or eating in class
  • Coming to class unprepared by failing to do the assignments or the readings
  • Being closed-minded and intolerant of differences, not respecting the opinion of others
  • Blaming the professor or others for your academic failure

Suggestions For Improving The Student/Professor Relationship:

  • Make an effort to have the professor know and recognize you.
  • Ask questions and show interest in the subject.
  • Go to class regularly and on time. Take notes.
  • Never talk or whisper while the professor is lecturing or another student is talking.
  • Don't try to take advantage of your professor.
  • Visit your professor during office hours; don't try to discuss matters while he/she is trying to get out of the lecture hall.
  • Don't hesitate to talk with your professor if you are confused about something or have a concern about the course content or organization.