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Creating a Support Network

Knowing when to ask for help is a characteristic of a successful student. Following up by identifying and contacting the right person is the crucial next step.

On campus, the appropriate contacts include professors, advisors, staff members and fellow students. Off campus, your contacts will be parents, guardians, other family members, friends and employers.

Activate your network and create allies by sharing information about what you are trying to accomplish, what you need, and how they can help. This requires you to first think about your goals, break them down, identify how you can accomplish them, and then communicate them to the appropriate people.

Some examples of things you might need to negotiate are:

  • Need for study time --parents, roommate, friends, employers
  • Help preparing for an exam --professors, tutor, classmates
  • Help finding needed resources--advisor, staff members
  • Assistance forming a study group (classmates, staff members)
  • Decrease in family responsibilties (parents, guardians, family members)
  • Leisure time with friends (parents, guardians, friends)

Although you are responsible for your own college success, don't try to go it alone. Use the people in your support network and allow them to share in your success. You will be glad you did when you walk across the stage at graduation, having accomplished your goal.