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How to Create a Great Place to Study

  • Establish a definite place of study with good ventilation and lighting without the distractions of TV.
  • Make certain the study area requires that you be seated upright with sufficient writing area and is equipped with paper, pencils and a dictionary.
  • Invest in an inexpensive answering machine so that study time is not interrupted by phone calls.
  • Avoid creating a study area next to a window which can cause distraction.
  • Remove distractions in the area, including music, which will prevent complete focus on the material being studied.
  • Take short breaks while studying--10 minutes for every 50 or 60 minutes of study.
  • Create a study "plan" to turn your studying into a routine by setting specific study times for each class.
  • Identify a realistic reward for successfully reaching the study goal set to help keep yourself motivated to continue following the "plan."