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Reinstatement/Exclusion Appeal

This reinstatement process only applies to students enrolled or planning to enroll in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Other Schools and Colleges have their own processes for reinstatement.

University policy prevents an excluded student from enrolling in classes at WSU for a calendar year. However, a student may appeal without waiting a year if documented, extenuating circumstances are a factor in the student's exclusion. Deadlines for application occur on the 15th of each month and final deadlines are as follows: fall term, July 15; winter term, November 15; and spring/summer term, March 15. The committe meets once a month excluding August, December, and April. Please read the information below to acquaint yourself with all aspects of exclusion and reinstatement policy.

All financial holds must be cleared prior to applying for reinstatement. Applications with financial holds will be held and will not be considered after the deadlines indicated above.

What You Need to Know About Exclusion and Reinstatement

How To Return To WSU After Exclusion

Required Reinstatement Web Activites

As a part of your reinstatement application, you must complete the activities found on this website and return the required items to the University Advising Center along with your "Reinstatement" packet.

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