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How Getting Involved in Campus Activities Earns Big Rewards

  • Campus activites are fun. They help you to relax, blow off steam, get in shape, or reduce stress. A good balance between work and play is important.


  • They can prepare you for a career by helping you to develop skills and potential that employers seek and provide exposure to vocational fields and can lead to a career choice.


  • They can aid in the transition from your previous environment, be it high school, work or home life. Campus involvement can fill voids this change in your life may cause.


  • They give you "hands-on" opportunity to experience what you learn about in class.


  • They help you build relationships outside of the classroom with students, faculty, staff and community leaders. These supportive relationships can really help you persist in your studies when the going gets tough.


  • They can become lifelong interests that enrich your life.


  • They can help you structure your time and force you to be a better manager of your time.


  • They may help you develop leadership and teach you "life skills" and organizational skills that you typically don't learn in a classroom.


  • They contribute to a sense of belonging, self-worth and confidence. Involvement lets you test yourself in a "safe" environment and apply your classroom knowledge to real life situations.


  • They demonstrate the importance of teamwork and communication in problem-solving and conflict resolution. Developing these skills will help prepare you for your professional life.