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Expectations Professors Have of Students

  • Ability to state what you have read or heard in lecture into your own words
  • Ability to effectively read college-level textbooks
  • Ability to differentiate between observations and inferences
  • Understanding and use of operational definitions
  • Ability to know when information given during a lecture is not enough to fully understand the concepts being taught
  • Ability to find additional information needed
  • Ability to reason through analogies
  • Understanding specialized vocabulary used in different professions and the need to begin using those words
  • Ability to think, form judgments and draw conclusions
  • Ability to explain or provide a basis for an unproved idea
  • Ability to argue or discuss ideas and back them up with reasons
  • Ability to listen with an open mind and not make judgments until the end of the lecture
  • A willingness to learn

Meeting With Your Professor