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University Advising Center

Meeting with Your Advisor

The University Advising Center staff is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals, in a cordial and confidential setting.  Your success is important to us and we are prepared to help you meet the many challenges you will face while pursuing your undergraduate degree. 

Your academic advisor is your connection to campus resources and a valuable ally in negotiating the University system.  We encourage you to see your advisor with any question or problem which may affect your academic progress at Wayne State. Your advisor will:

  • Help familiarize you with your academic program requirements
  • Assist you in selecting appropriate courses
  • Facilitate your use of campus resources by referring you to appropriate office staff
  • Assess your academic progress and prescribe remedial activities, if needed
  • Help you address academic difficulties
  • Provide accurate and current information
  • Interpret University and college policies and procedures
  • Assist you in setting realistic educational goals

Prepare for Your Advising Session

You are expected to:

  • Make a list of questions you need answers to and possible courses for the following term.
  • Be prepared to discuss details of your academic performance.
  • Bring your appointment calendar or planner to jot notes for future appointments.
  • Bring an open mind and a readiness to accept new information or new ways of seeing things.

Expectations for the Student/Advisor Relationship

You can expect:

  • That your advisor will keep information shared in the advising session confidential and only release such information to others, as well as grades, class attendance and academic progress, with your expressed, written permission.
  • That your advisor will not discuss sensitive and confidential information via e-mail or phone.
  • That your advisor will encourage you to make an appointment to discuss complex matters in person rather than risk student or advisor misunderstanding.

Limitations On What Your Advisor May Do For You

  • Your advisor will not have all the answers, but he/she will be willing to find out where you can get answers.
  • Your advisor will not make decisions for you. You must make them for yourself.
  • Your advisor cannot circumvent University policies and procedures, but will support and advocate on your behalf where possible.

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