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How Realistic Are Your College Expectations


Please indicate whether each statement is either true or false.

_____ College classes are larger and longer and do not meet every day.

_____ College tests are less frequent than in high school.

_____ Students are expected to do more writing in college than in high school.

_____ College professors frequently request homework to be completed but do not always 
           count it in the final course grade.

_____College professors and students have more academic freedom than in high school 
           which provides intellectual latitude with respect to what they are able to discuss in class.

_____ High school education is more "textbook focused" with greater value being placed on the 
           unquestioned acceptance of the printed word.

_____ College classes focus on applying concepts and recognizing themes rather than on 
           simply acquiring facts.

_____College professors are more likely to create and transmit original knowledge or research

_____ College students have a much greater quantity of work, both in-class and out-of-class 

_____ You can expect college professors to test you on material not specifically covered in class.

_____ Parents do not have access to student's grades in college.

_____There are no study halls, scheduled lunch breaks, or bells in college.

_____There are likely to be students in your classes who are very different from you in relation 
           to age and cultural background.

_____ College professors are likely to provide for unusual and challenging classroom discussions.

_____ Your college years have the potential of being the most exciting time of your life.

If you answered "true" to all of the statements above, your college expectations are very realistic and you are on your way to a successful college career.

Go to "How College is Different From High School" for more information.

Adapted from The Freshman Year Experience, John N.Gardner, 1992.