Wayne State University

Aim Higher

University Advising Center

Major Exploration Checklist

Have I...

___ Taken a course in my area of interest?

___ Determined the set of skills which are required for my desired career?

___ Completed the Exploratory Online Assessments?

___ Visited the Life/Career Development Lab, 1001 Faculty/Administration Building, to 
       investigate career options?

___ Determined that the careers I am considering match my interests and abilities?

___ Talked to a friend or family member who works in my field of interest and 
       conducted an information interview?

___Utilized desired abilities and skills in activities in my area of interest?

___ Taken a job on campus which is related to my area of interest?

___ Investigated co-op opportunities in the University Placement Services, 1001 Faculty/
       Administration Building, in my area of interest?

___ Taken advantage of job shadowing by spending the day with someone working in 
       my desired field?

___ Investigated my career options in the O*Net Interest Profiler?

___ Performed volunteer work in my area of interest?

___ Checked job openings in the academic department related to my desired major?

___ Reviewed the Undergraduate Bulletin related to my desired major in terms of 
       requirements, course descriptions and related cognate courses required from other 

___ Talked with the advisor in my major department about career paths graduates in that major have taken?

___ Identified the academic major which will help me to develop the skills required for my career of choice?